Adventure Sports and Nutrition Center

" Put the fun back in fitness" tm

Innovative programs specifically designed for children and teens of all ages: age appropriate nutritional guidance, weight control, exercise and sports coaching, and stress management.

Adult programs designed to maximize health and well being while managing weight through exercise , sports, and nutritional exellence.

Adventure sports, nutrition, and mind-body health program is innovative, individualized, and interactive to assure success in attaining health and fitness. Our goal is to make fitness an integral part of your life by guiding and encouraging in a fun and enthusiastic manner. All  programs include physician support and professional coaching with our easy access tools using text, phone, and online.

Better Health Diet   encompasses nutritional healing , health improvement through proper nutrition,and right weight loss. With our plan and instruction our goal is for you to eat better while naturally losing weight. There are no gimmicks or short term schemes. We want to change the way you eat and live . That is why our plan is comprehensive with an interactive approach to encourage and support success including:  
-Coaching in eating the best foods that make you healthier and improve your longevity. Changing your health life not just your food. We will be there to assist and encourage you by phone, text, email, and web.
-Dietician to personally design the perfect program at the pace for your health and dietary needs. 
-Guidance  in selecting, shopping, cooking, and recipes. Creating a meal plan to suit your needs and assist you in implementing it.
-Assistance in navigating your food life and obstacles including work diet, eating out, lunch meetings, vacations, etc.

Children’s fitness and lifestyle program. Our specially designed  plan will help you improve your child’s fitness while losing weight and changing their lifestyle. Motivation is the key with our team of child experts, including Pediatricians, Teachers, Dieticians, Psychologists, and Trainers.  

"Exercise and fitness for all"- Individually designed programs for children with special needs. Trained professionals including Child Psychologists, Teachers, and therapists with unique experience working with special needs children including Autistic spectrum, Aspergers, Developmental delay, and children with disabilities. The goal of this program is to help improve their fitness and health while developing their skills both socially and physically.