Introducing fish by 6-12 months may reduce the tendency to wheeze when a child is older

February 3rd, 2013 by Introducing fish by 6-12 months may reduce wheeze in

A study published in Pediatrics from Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, Netherlands, with researchers Jessica C Kiefte-de Jong RD, PhD and colleagues showed that their was a difference in development of wheezing by the age of 4 of children who had fish introduced as part of their diet by ages 6 - 12 months and those who had it introduced after 14 months. Those who had it introduced earlier had less asthma-wheezing associated symptoms later.

This is interesting for several reasons:

1. Many families in the world delay introducing fish due to fear of choking and possible contaminants; this should encourage them to start earlier. 

2. This brings up additional questions regarding fish role in the developing lungs and its possible anti-inflammatory effect and illness prevention capabilities.

3. It generally indicates to those of us interested in the role nutrition plays on health and disease- a legitimate food link to the development and expression of Asthma which is considered primarily a genetic based condition.