Better Nutrition equals Better Health

Adventure Sports and Nutrition program offers guidance and support in your effort to improve your health through weight loss and a better diet.

Warren Krantz MD is the HealthfulMD author of "Start Healthy, Stay Healthy"

Food coaching  
How to start your family off on the healthy foot. introducing food to your child in a new innovative way to maximize healthy eating and a healthier life.We will encourage, cheer, and discuss any diet or method you choose. We will help you understand the dynamics of any diet, help you to make it work, keep you on track, and reinforce healthy habits. what are the best foods and methods to reach you goals . 

Eating for your health
Is a plan for nutritional health.If you follow our plan for eating right you will be healthier, feel healthier, and lose weight. 
  It is not about dieting or short cuts to lose weight. It is about altering your perspective ,nothing short of meaningful change will work. This requires a change in your view of what purpose food serves and our relationship to how we eat. Change to a healthy lifestyle is a change to a healthier life for you and your family.

Nutritional Healing 
Will help you feel better, and actually turn around many of the painful condtions you have gotten used to living with.  By eating for your health you can self-heal, and reverse or improve many of the self made maladies you many already have .

All the modes of modern technology to work with you wherever you are by providing up to the minute access using the internet, smart phones, and text. Having this unlimited access aides in your effort to successfuly maintain your effort.