Family health advocate


With so many choices in health care and far too much information and too many experts selling the latest greatest health remedies wouldn't it be nice to have access to the physician you trust to help you figure out what might be beneficial from what is just hype. 

Who is your most trusted health resource and health advocate? 

If you could would you want to consult your doctor on all manners of health?

When you want to ask a doctor's opinion -our physicians are available to help you find the best doctor available for your medical needs.

KrantzCare has created a family health advocacy program in order to accomplish this, with the goal of assisting you in making educated choices in all aspects of health including wellness, preventive care, healing, and illness. 

Questions we will help you answer

Do you think I need a second opinion?

What specialist do you think I need?

Can you recommend the best doctor or specialist for me?

What else can I do- integrative, holistic, supplementary medicine, yoga etc?

Can you interpret and explain everything for me and my family?

Could you talk to the doctor for me?

Is this treatment or  remedy safe? Is it worthwhile trying? Does it have any value? Do you think it would work?