" style="color:#0000cc;font-weight:bold;font-family:arial, helvetica, sans-serif">Stress out 

If  your goal is total health it is essential to incorporate stress reduction methods into your daily "better health" routine.
We readily accept medication and advice on how to treat body malfunctions but most of us neglect our brain processes and our mental fitness impact on our health. 

The word stress has become a mainstream medical term for what is ailing you. It is now interchangeable with any other causes of illness and considered a major factor in disease or "dishealth". 

So much has been learned regarding our mental status and how it affects our physical health and well being. It is well accepted that worry, depression, and anxiety all have a negative impact on our overall health.

With this in mind it is crucial that we include stress reduction, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation in any discussion of of true health and fitness.

Dr Krantz and like minded colleagues offer consultations to patients and families on how to incorporate these methods into their approach to better health.