Warren Krantz MD, FAAP.

I have been a practicing board certified Pediatrician for over 25 years. I am a lifelong South Florida resident, born, raised ,and trained here. This is my home in every sense of the word. I have always wanted my practice of medicine to mirror my sense of community and family. My goal was to practice in the old fashioned style of Pediatrics and felt like I won the lottery when I joined Kaufman and Multach in 1989. They were considered one of the most respected and admired Pediatric practices in Florida for over 40 years. My challenge was to continue the excellent personal family style care that Harry and Dave had been providing with the increasing demands to streamline care and see more patients. After 16 years I decided that in order to continue the tradition of personalized service and care I would have to convert my practice to a concierge model. So in 2005 I started Premier Pediatric Management. This return to a personalized practice has been extremely rewarding for me and hopefully for my patient families as well. 

Below are some of the highlights of why I believe my practice has become so special to me and my extended family of friends, children, and patients.

You are joining my family , not just my practice.
The first thing any new members will hear me mention is how when you join my practice it is like you are joining my family. Sometimes this may sound like a sales pitch but I believe a good doctor patient relationship leads to a sense of familiarity and comfort, like being part of the family. Who would you rather call, someone who treats you like family or a chart number? I inspire to treat every child like they are my own. In order to offer the care and guidance patients and families need it is essential to develop this relationship in the hope of knowing your patients well enough to give the best care. 

Friendly, approachable, and informal.  
I want every parent and patient to feel comfortable calling or coming in for anything with easy and pain free access . No issue is too small. This is your child and your concern,if it is important to you, it is important to me. My aim is to be very approachable and instill a friendly atmosphere of mutual respect and professionalism. 

Working together to create the best care. 
My background as an MD is based on mainstream medical science , but I also have a strong belief in physiological and natural means to health. By having the knowledge and experience in  medical, holistic, nutritional health, yoga, meditation, sports and exercise,I can work together with families to find the best medical therapy and treatment when necessary or holistic-natural treatment when that might be the appropriate course and medication is not needed, or combine the best of both.

Comprehensive care requires having access across the timeline of your life and living not just during office hours and the limited "next patient slot".The episodic visits that everyone has been accustomed to is not nearly enough time to practice the way I believe you should. Comprehensive care requires interaction and care when and where you need it  - a concept that has been excluded from the modern physicians office.

Luxury of all the time you need. 
My practice allows for setting up the schedule for as much time as necessary to consult and discuss all nature of issues and concerns. This enables parents and patients to delve into subjects and topics most would otherwise never consider addressing in a medical office or with their doctor,but would welcome the opportunity to do so.

Broadened scope of practice.
The nature of the practice, the relationships, and time have allowed me to expand the scope of my practice outside of the narrow and tradtional definitions of medical care. Because my passion for health extends beyond the basic episodic visit and treatment, this style of practice has given me the abilty to spend much more time counseling parents regarding parenting, behavior, nutrition,disease prevention,fitness, stress, and family dynamics. .

International South Florida feel. 
I am able to align much of the practice with the needs of the multicultural atmosphere of South Florida. No one style of medical care fits all and I have the flexibility to individualize the approach and incorporate the cultural preferences for international families. 

I get to spend time playing with the children and not running from room to room. The best part of Pediatrics is getting to play with kids, getting to know the families and watch them develop and grow. That is the biggest fringe benefit of having a personal practice.

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