Tito the Shark - Tito El Tiburon

Our favorite children's bilingual character 

...Is now a healthy shark!
Tito like all his shark friends eats fish, but now he eats lots of vegetables, fruits, and nuts to be even healthier and stronger and swim faster. Watch for Tito's healthy childrens guide

Now lives here online !!!!

Created by teacher Eva Percal Krantz M.Ed. and Pediatrician Warren Krantz M.D. - with the goal of teaching lessons and informing children from multicultural backgrounds in a fun and entertaining style.

Tito's songs, music,and dances, have been educating and entertaining millions of children on TV and Video worldwide for years. 

Tito's educational programs have been featured in thousands of schools as part of a bilingual curriculum. 

His Public service announcements have been sponsored in nearly every market in the US.

Now here to use his talents with fun lessons for children including everyday health and behavior.

Stay tuned for Tito's videos and lessons!