House calls & After hours office visits

Based on availability

Call: 786-530-1334

"Private Pediatrics onCall "

Respected concierge physicians and nurse practitioners available when you need them.
We provide the same concierge personalized executive and premier service to onCall and house calls that our experienced medical personel provide to our membership patients. Whether you are a current patient, tourist, visitor, friend or international resident we will treat you like you're one of our own concierge patients. 

Why are we different? 
We are an actual pediatric practice not random hired house call doctors.
All our physicians and nurse practitioners are in their own right well respected health providers experienced at providing private personalized care at your convenience, in your hotel, home, office, or web. We offer more than episodic care like a walk in clinic or ER, or regular house call where you have to wait . We continue to offer guidance after your visit with our unique Telehealth connected platform from which our team of physicians interacts with your on site provider.

Quality non-emergency personalized care at our office or your home
We offer non emergent care to save you time from the long emergency room waits and avoid crowded Urgent care or clinic settings. Our personalized service gives you the comfort of receiving the concierge care you need in a timely and sophisticated manner.
Our practitioners are experienced and supervised by well respected physicians .

Private practice care
Because all our physicians and nurse practitioners have extensive private practice experience they are comfortable with the doctor patient relationship most similar to your own private doctor, with call back and follow up assuring your child is stable, improving, and referred to the right track whether it be another visit, referral to the ER or specialist. 

Training - licensing - review
All our doctors have worked extensively in a private practice. All our physicians have been trained in US accredited residency training programs. All are MD's. Our OnCall staff are currently board certified pediatricians or board certified for at least 20 years. All have active medical licenses and approved background checks as well as extensive weekly quality review. Our Pediatric nurse practitioners are personally trained by our concierge physicians and supervised via telehealth. All patient interactions are screened and reviewed.

Fees costs and insurance
We do not take insurance reimbursement for services, but your insurance may cover some or all of the care.