Health First

July 12th, 2015 by Health First in KrantzCare

Where do you place health on your priority list and that of your family’s ?  You know the old saying “ without health you have nothing”. Which should translate into a health agenda rising to the top of your to do list. But we rarely are paying attention to our health unless we lose it. 
To help you get started with better health see the suggestions below. 

1.Health account- put the value of health first and invest your time and energy in it, you will get dividends just by opening up the account and paying attention to it. But value it and check the balance every day. The first step is to actually acknowledge and value the importance of good health itself and not take it for granted. Most times we do not realize how important good health is until someone we care about is ill. But the part that is in your hands. The day to day decisions for your health and that of your family. Ask yourself this question - Where do I place the value of what I can do for my health and that of my children and all those dear to me? Don’t just think about it, address the issue. 
2.Family health plan-have a family meeting and discuss in a non-confrontational manner how important every member is to you and to to each other. Discuss your value on health and ask for everyone’s opinion . Develop a forum to discuss everyone’s health not a plan for a major makeover or judgment on everyone’s lack of healthy habits. Ask each member for their opinion and to come up with some ideas for a family plan for the next meeting. You can have regular health meetings , more often in the beginning. Form a health board with everyone getting an assignment. 
3.Good health is a verb  -   if you are not actively involved in your family’s health then they are not as healthy as they could be. Having good health is not just something you are or are not. No matter what your condition or genetic make up you can and should be actively involved in your health. Do something for your health today and you will do something important. There is always room for improvement and action.
4.Small changes make a big difference-  every step or action you take in the direction of good health is step towards improving your health. Each positive action you take now will have both short term and long term effects on your health. We know that health is cumulative, both good and bad. 
5.Responsibility-    the cookie stops here. You cannot blame your parents for giving your habits or your medical genes. The fast food restaurant for making it cheap or easy. The school for not helping you with choices. You must be the driving force in your family’s health. If you acknowledge that you can make a difference then you should.
6.Planning organizing for health- how do I find the time to eat right, cook, feed my family, and get in exercise, homework, let alone shower, get them to bed and everything else. I am just trying to make it through the day being a parent, Chauffeur, homework supervisor, etc. Spend time every day even a few minutes incorporating improved health into your to do list.
7.Community involvement- whether at your child’s school, church, sporting events, fund raisers. Making your view on health choices available is the first step in awareness for everyone involved with your children, and you will be helping the community as a whole become more health conscious. Not to say you won’t encounter resistance. Who doesn't want to eat donuts at school functions or have cookies after a soccer game with soda? From a selfish point of view, the more people and organizations you involve that are part of your life the better your health and that of your family and the easier your job of putting healthy choices to the forefront. 

All aspects of your health are intertwined. One component is dependent on the others.In order to get a better idea of how to manage your overall health it may be useful to divide into personal health categories.

1. Medical health - perhaps because of the cost and the insurance and medical community involvement. This is the part of our health that traditionally has received all the press. These include your genetics and all conditions you are either born with, or grow old into. For the most part health in this category has been treated with surgery or a pill. But we are now discovering the value and influence of our personal responsibility in taking care of our health in meaningful ways that we can have in impact on medical health.
2.Nutritional health is the second category that has been receiving much press lately. This is the contribution that nutritionally rich food makes toward your overall health. Not just in the realm of being overweight and eating a fatty diet, but the actual health value of foods. This section is being recognized for having a greater and greater impact on overall health.
3.Fitness health-your daily movement. Step by step guide to getting your heart pumping, muscles working and breath working for you. Studies have shown that the single most important thing you can to for your own health is to exercise, in whatever form. This does not just have an impact on whether you are obese or not and the direct link to diseases associated with obesity. Evidence has mounted for years that exercise cures and ameliorates many conditions and diseases on it’s own. It is certainly a wonderful adjunct to medical therapy and all other forms of health and care.
4. Emotional health and well being. This is uniquely involved in all other forms of health. one cannot be separated from the other.