Mobile media etiquette

November 14th, 2012 by Mobile media etiquette in
BASIC Mobile media etiquette: Add you own!
a.      Turn off text sound before family dinner time, and mute on phone.
b.      Turn your text sound off before you drive. Never text in any form and drive.
c.       Always turn the sound off in public.
d.      Unless you are a doctor or caretaker worried about someone, turn your phone off completely or at least put it on vibrate in: movies, meetings, doctor’s offices,school.
e.      Do not talk on your phone in lines, checkout counters, when you enter a room or office, or restaurant. Finish your conversation outside. Definitely do not conduct loud business meetings or have personal or gossip sessions in public.
f.        Other than brief very important responses, carry on your conversation in private.
g.      Never play movies for your children in restaurants. If you want them to watch a movie stay home.
h.      When your children are playing a game, on the phone, or texting, if someone you are waiting for enters the room, be it a doctor, teacher, or a waiter, turn it off. Teach how to greet and engage others.
i.        Take it away- any child who cannot pause a game when someone tries to engage them in conversation, or when you arrive at your destination should have the device taken away.
Remember it is your choice!
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