Teething remedies - now what

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Teething remedies-now what?

by Warren Krantz on Sunday, April 24, 2011 at 8:01pm ·

Well now that they took away all the numbing solutions to our cranky, drooling , miserable, non-sleeping baby what can we use? Other than those desperate 3AM swigs of bourbon all the old doctors use to tell us to use, ( that does not mean me)- a glass for you and a little to rub on your baby's gums, I will try to offer the most widely accepted common sense remedies. Of course, when you are truly exasperated, you can always resort to Acetaminophen (Tylenol)  to get a few hours sleep ( check the dose with your doctor, and make sure the brand you bought is not recalled)  Who knew teething , such a simple right of passage before eating steak, could be so complicated.

Natural teething solutions- ( make sure they cannot break off ) frozen carrot, frozen mini-bagel, wet a wash cloth and let it become crisp in the freezer

Store bought- Teething biscuits and  a wide assortment of teething rings with gels that freeze, we generally prefer BPA free or fillings that are guaranteed not to break and chemical free. ( Many sites recommend Natursutten-research before buying)

Chewy toys - everyone's favorite Sophie the  giraffe, .( Of course consider organic from companies and countries that are consistently found to be reliable)

Natural remedies to apply-Clove oil- mix a few drops in a teaspoon of olive oil and then rub this on the baby's gums a few times a day. -Vanilla extract seems to soothe teething when rubbed on the gums . Also just  rubbing olive oil on the gums may help -if nothing else it will be good for their heart.

The one remedy that always seems to work  is your own finger. Perhaps it has something to do with the hands on care.