Recall of Triaminic brands due to problems with child proof tops

February 5th, 2013 by Recall of medication in Krantzcare
RECALL of Triaminic products
Novartis consumer health inc, recalled  2.3 million units of TriaminicandTheraflu     cold and cough syrups after children opened the child-resistant caps and ingested the medication. The child-resistant caps do not always work and some children are able to remove them by themselves.
The pharmaceutical company, recalled six kinds of Theraflu Warming Relief syrups and 18 kinds of Triaminic syrups. For a full list, clickhere.
Due to the good tastes of  flavors like cherry and grape, children like taking these medication and think of them similar to sweets. This is always one of the dubious issues with good tasting medications. We all remember the terrible  tasting medicine when we were kids. We would never have actively pursued them and tried to drink it willingly. But today they taste so good extreme caution should be exercised in both storing and making sure the caps are child proof. "It's intended to slow them down” Spiller said.But there is really no such thing as child proof with a determined child and enough unsupervised time. That is why in addition to the caps parents must store them in a safe place where children cannot get access to them.
The syrups in question were manufactured before the end of December 2011, so most of the syrup probably have already been used.