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July 8th, 2015 by sun awareness in Krantzcare

Sun protection: Sunscreen lotion alert!!!!!

1.       Sunscreen  lotion- our most important ally if used correctly. However, new government studies have raised concerns regarding ingredients found in the most common sunscreen lotion protection products. The most commonly used sun protection ingredients might be having a dangerous effect on our skin by causing an acceleration of skin damage. These harmful ingredients include Vitamin A ( retinyl Palmitate), and Oxybenzone. It is also not recommended to use sun protection products that include insect repellant. These are commonly found in the most marketed and widely accepted products available. Also Sprays, Powders, and any designation of a SPF above 50 are not recommended. Creamsand lotions are the most reliable and safest form to apply suntan protection

 Ingredients to look for that are safe and valuable as sun protection include Zinc, Titanium Diaoxide, and Avobenzone or Mexoryl Sx .Someof the products that have been rated the highest and are considered to be safe include Jasons Natural Cosmetics, Organic Desert essence, California Baby, Badger, and All Terrain. Other factors to consider include water and sweat resistance. An SPF of 30+ is recommended. Anything above that is not considered reliable.

2.       Clothing- The best protection is by covering as much exposed skin from the sun as possible. Light weight, sun shielding clothing is recommended. In addition a hat and sun glasses are a must for everyone at all ages.

3.       Timing- Try to stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible, but if you do go in the sun go during the cooler part of the day; generally before 11 AM and after 4 PM.